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Get it in writing. Store it safely.
Share when it's time.

Welcome to the who, what, where, and when of estate planning and legacy
arrangements . . . all in one place.

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Securely upload documents.
Share with Key Contacts.

Plandled enables you to share important information about your estate, end of life wishes, healthcare directives, social media, digital platforms and letters to loved ones.

Dad comforts son, secures future with Plandled.

Get it in writing. Store it safely. Share when it’s time.

Get your affairs in order with Plandled, the only way to ensure your loved ones will receive all the critical information they need when they need it.

Upload and organize documents, digital assets and more to your account for easy life-planning.

Include your final wishes, funeral options, and medical decisions easing the burden for your loved ones.

Add Key Contacts to your account to ensure your documents, digital assets, etc. are delivered when you're unavailable.

Plandled's automatic notification feature "Plandled Alert", will automatically send the information you choose to your loved ones when they need it.

Customer plans end-of-life contacts with Plandled, enjoys security.
Multiple formats, documents and assets uploaded with ease.

Making sure those who need to know, know . . . when the time comes.

Plandled is the only service that will proactively transmit your important documents, wishes and communicates to your chosen contacts automatically and securely.

Planning for the future has never been so easy.

With Plandled's automatic notification, easy uploads and personalization you can upload your critical documents, digital assets and more quickly and easily providing peace of mind to your loved ones.

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Automatic notification

Plandled Alert will notify your Key Contacts upon your death or disability. The system will guide them step by step as to what to do.

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Personalization capability

You’ll be able to organize and prioritize the information you want to include and to whom it will be sent. Plandled can help tailor your program exactly to your wishes.

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Easily updated and amended

Life never stands still and circumstances change. Your wishes are a work in progress that may evolve as the years go by. Plandled is designed to accommodate new information to enter as you will.

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Add Key Contacts you want notified during life events.

In the event.

Your passing will likely involve sadness and grief on the part of your loved ones. Plandled’s automatic notification feature "Plandled Alert" – at an interval of your choosing after your death or disability – will insert a note of calm and clarity into an otherwise difficult time.

Spelling it out for the future providing peace of mind now.

Plandled is your assurance that the right information gets to the right people at the right time.

Gentleman happy his documents and assets are secure on Plandled.